Portfolio - E-Commerce

Here are some of the sites which have passed through the twoloaves kitchens:

Mystic Monkey

The Mystic Monkey e-commerce site is a customisation of a well-known shopping cart web application called eCart. The site was designed by twoloaves and the basics of the eCart software were then customised both via its own administration section and through code manipulation, making the resulting site more rich than a typical eCart installation in both design and features. This included addition of many administration-area-managed functions such as a CMS (Content Management System) and banners.

Portfolio - Custom-built sites

Some of the custom recipes brewed up by the twoloaves crew include:

Outré Gallery

Paul built the Outré Gallery site from the ground up based on the requirements of the gallery's owners and staff. The site is built in ASP.NET 2.0 and has a CMS (Content Management System) that allows staff members to add and edit their own content. It also has an e-commerce component where customers can purchase artwork and books online. As part of its administration section, the site allows Outré staff to manage email subscribers and send out templated newsletters to subscribers.


This site is an online resource for students of early high school age, provided by the Australian Government. Designed by Justin, it allows students to navigate to Flash-based animations and similar resources to help them to learn Chinese or Japanese languages. The site also incorporates text in those Asian languages.


The twoloaves folk used movie review site nofreelist as an inhouse project to showcase what they could do with web applications. Though it is not upkept as much of late (there's not enough time in the day!), the site is still a fun one to visit. It provides users with searching capabilities such as keyword and alphabetical, and allows its reviewers to add links to other movies or stars within their reviews, making it easier for visitors to jump from one thing to another. nofreelist has a complex database behind the scenes and we've also experimented with manipulating the data in interesting ways to create statistics and break these down many different ways.


The Haikudover site showcases the haiku and zen paintings of Harold Dover. It allows visitors to search or browse through the haiku in numerous ways, and allows Harold to create haiku and upload new paintings himself via a password-protected administration area.

Indigo Boutique

This site is for Melbourne fashion label of more than 35 years, Indigo Boutique. It allows Indigo's many fans to browse new and archived collections and pick out the perfect outfit for the races or some other special event. Its News section is maintained directly by Indigo staff via the administration section.

Melba Theatre Cobram

The Melba site is a simple, easy-to-use site with the main aim being to allow its patrons to access information about the current screenings at the cinema, whilst also providing details on the theatre's location and history. Behind the scenes, the site has an administration section that allows the Melba staff to keep the sessions up-to-date easily.

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